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PortfoliosFabrication of Sterilizers & Warmers for the Medical IndustryFabrication of Stainless Steel Medical Bone ReamersFabricated & Laminated Windscreen for Passenger Rail CarPrecision Stamping for Printing and Copying ApplicationsCold Rolled Steel Bracket for an Automotive ApplicationStainless Steel Molding for a Railroad Transportation ApplicationAir Filtration System for the High-Speed Digital Copy IndustrySheet Metal Fabrication of Vent CoversForming and Welding of Stainless Steel Undercar Protectors for Railway IndustryTurret Punched Aluminum Aircraft Covers for the Aerospace IndustryLaser / Punched Casing Covers for Printer ApplicationsLaser & Formed Steel Backrests for the Motorcycle IndustryAluminum Lens Covers for the Aerospace IndustryAluminum Machined Body for Rail IndustryCNC Machined Insulator Block for Alternative Energy ApplicationsCNC Machined Manifold for Alternative Energy Applications


Acro Industries, Inc. Customer Support Engineers (CSE's) are ready to partner with you to fulfill your product design needs every step of the way. As your initial design concept progresses, we will create comprehensive PRO/E CAD solid models of your parts to work from. We will work with you to determine the most cost effective means of production while maintaining the functionality and quality level required. We can review all existing products and work with you to redesign them for greater efficiency, lower cost, and higher quality.

Tooling can be created to allow for full-scale production of your product. The CSE team will create full tooling to allow for the production volumes and quality that is required. We are proficient in the use of Stryker software to provide the maximum efficiency in the design process.

All projects have comprehensive statements of work, clear timelines and milestones, documented design reviews, and QC checks.

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Acro Industries, Inc. | Providing Total Solutions