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PortfoliosFabrication of Sterilizers & Warmers for the Medical IndustryFabrication of Stainless Steel Medical Bone ReamersFabricated & Laminated Windscreen for Passenger Rail CarPrecision Stamping for Printing and Copying ApplicationsCold Rolled Steel Bracket for an Automotive ApplicationStainless Steel Molding for a Railroad Transportation ApplicationAir Filtration System for the High-Speed Digital Copy IndustrySheet Metal Fabrication of Vent CoversForming and Welding of Stainless Steel Undercar Protectors for Railway IndustryTurret Punched Aluminum Aircraft Covers for the Aerospace IndustryLaser / Punched Casing Covers for Printer ApplicationsLaser & Formed Steel Backrests for the Motorcycle IndustryAluminum Lens Covers for the Aerospace IndustryAluminum Machined Body for Rail IndustryCNC Machined Insulator Block for Alternative Energy ApplicationsCNC Machined Manifold for Alternative Energy Applications

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Acro Producing Face Masks for COVID-19

Acro has begun producing face shields to be compliant with Governor Cuomo's executive order to require masks or cloth coverings be worn in situations where citizens cannot maintain social distancing. #masks

If interested in learning more contact Bill at
April 2020

Acro Shield - Made in the USA


The diverse process portfolio from one full-service contract manufacturer

From stamping to fabricating to laminate panels and everything in between: The virtuous cycle of Acro Industries
October 2019

A router machines the edges of a laminate panel.

Based in Rochester, N.Y., Acro Industries could have stayed a small tool and die shop, growing on work from local corporate giants Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb, along with a variety of companies throughout the Northeast. That said, those three Rochester corporations are very different from what they were in the 1970s. If Acro stayed the same it might not have survived, or at least grown to the 150-plus-employee company it is today.
If you walk into a shop and see stamping, fabricating, welding, and machining, you can often guess the backstory. A tool and die shop with machining expertise added stamping (or vice versa), which then added metal fabrication equipment like laser/punch machines and press brakes to tackle high-mix, low-volume work.
But if you walk into Acro’s plant, besides all of that you’d also see a comprehensive assembly operation as well as an area with odd-shaped presses using special adhesives to bond a honeycomb structure between two aluminum skins. That backstory isn’t so easy to guess.

    In 2019, Acro Industries, Inc. celebrated our 45th Anniversary!



Acro Industries, Inc. | Providing Total Solutions