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Bone Reamers

Fabrication of Stainless Steel Medical Bone Reamers

At Acro Industries, Inc. we combine our manufacturing experience with advanced production techniques to create medical devices and other advanced products. We were contracted by a customer looking to produce a Bone Reamer and a Hip Socket reamer, with the added request of minimizing the number of production steps. Our engineering resources were able to meet these process requirements easily while delivering to a just-in-time delivery plan.

We applied our concept development, soft and hard production tooling capabilities to complete this project. We opted to use a two-step process to fabricate the two reamer designs: laser cutting of 300 Series stainless steel followed by a blanking procedure. A 60 Ton punch press was used to blank the part with the required sharpness. Peak tolerances were held at ± 0.0005”.

We remain a major custom fabricator for the Medical industry thanks to our ability to meet unique customer requirements with a diversified set of core manufacturing competencies.

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